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Powerful, Impactful Sustainability Storytelling: Connecting Audiences with Purpose & Everyday Actions

We are all looking for ways to engage employees in sustainability.  Arlene Birt delivers the sweet spot – pictures and stories that drive sustainable actions.  

Social and environmental sustainability are complex and daunting topics. Convincing people to adjust their behavior in order to adopt more sustainable patterns is a challenge. When the goal is to help audiences understand the deluge of data, communicating context is highly important. This has a lot to do with establishing an emotional connection between individuals and information.  Data that is designed to tell a story can create a strong connection between high-level, abstract sustainability concepts and the daily, individual actions of consumers.

Arlene Birt is a Sustainability Visual Storyteller and Information Designer at Background Stories.  In the video below she walks us through some of the key concepts underlying how to communicate sustainability with our audiences can they can emotionally connect with our messaging.

Her work visually explains the stories behind products and places, incorporating behavioral psychology to help individuals connect emotionally to seemingly distant environmental topics. Her work on sustainability –which rides the line between art and education– has been featured in Creative Review (UK), U.S. News and World Report, BusinessWeek.com, worldchanging.com, SEED Magazine, and at the Barcelona Design Museum.

Arlene Birt is one of our speakers for our 2016 Sustainability Employee Engagement Network (SEEN) Virtual Summit.  She will be discussing how to bring sustainability stories to life and share with us some strategies to connect with our audiences, especially the hard to reach segments.

Check out our speaker line up, including Arlene Birt, and join us for the SEEN Virtual Summit, April 4th – 8th, 2016.


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