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Embedding Sustainability into Culture: 5 unique employee engagement best practices

How do we know that we are doing the right things to embed sustainability/CSR in to our organizational culture?  You know culture, that soft fuzzy thing that seems to have a mind of its own.  We can plan strategy, write policies and procedures, and even make and measure stuff; but in the end, it is culture  that really decides what happens in our organization.

Best Practice Gap Assessment for Culture of Sustainability

Feeling powerless?  Don’t despair.  What if I told you some really smart people studied hundreds of companies over decades and pulled out all the best practices for leveraging culture to make change for sustainability. Even better, they wrapped it into a cohesive framework and provided a FREE tool to help us assess our current practices against the best practices.  Voila – we have a cultural baseline and 60 suggested avenues to build a sustainable future in our organization.

Over 20 of the best practices focus on directly engaging employees in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  Imagine doing a gap assessment of employee engagement practices that contribute to a sustainable culture.  BAM – we do have some influence over culture!

Five Unique Employee Engagement Best Practices for a Sustainable Culture

Many of the best practices are ones you might expect: informing, recognizing and developing employees for sustainability.  But here are 5 you may not have thought of before:

  1. Trigger – how much do you disrupt the status quo to help employees see a positive vision of the future, understand how sustainability relates to their everyday job and challenge their existing assumptions about sustainability?
  2. Brand – how does your brand communicate your sustainability vision and commitments to employees and others?
  3. Resolve Inconsistencies – to what extent do you identify and eliminate perceived (or real) inconsistencies between your sustainability commitments and on the ground actions?
  4. Link – how do you encourage employees to bring their personal sustainability behaviours to work or connect organizational sustainability activities to their personal lives?
  5. Personal Goals – to what extent do you translate organizational sustainability goals and targets into employee responsibilities and expectations?

Ahh, the “devil’s in the details” you say.  How do we concretely take action on these best practices to build a sustainable culture?  Well, I’m glad you asked – join us at the SEEN Talks Virtual Summit on April 4 to 8 to examine concrete examples and hear James Field, Sustainable Solutions Manager at Celestica, discuss how they built this sustainability culture gap assessment into their employee engagement and sustainable culture program  – Spark Change.

SEEN Talks is our annual virtual Sustainability Engagement Summit. No need to pack your bags, just join on line to learn how to drive engagement in sustainability from strategy to operations.

This year our experts will share how to:

  • Lead with strategy to secure management commitment and inspire employee participation.
  • Systematically embed sustainability in organizational culture using a freely available new toolkit.
  • Connect your Volunteer Program to transformational sustainability engagement.
  • Use storytelling and gamification in your initiatives to boost impact.

Join practitioners and subject matter experts from Celestica, Ricoh, Realized Worth, Partners in Project Green, Background Stories, Engage International and Sustainability Learning Centre in this practical knowledge sharing, networking and co-creation forum.  See the SEEN Talks Website for more information.

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