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CEOs Share – “8 Ways you can support our Decision Making on Sustainability”

Join SEENTalks Virtual Summit June 14th,  hear Dr. Stephanie Bertels discuss " Getting Executive Leadership Onboard: Foster Understanding and Support for Sustainability Employee Engagement Efforts," a guide and tactical inventory.  Why do some CEOs make the shift to incorporate sustainability into their decision-making while others do not? This was a research question posed in a [...]

New ROI Tool could Reverse Sustainability/CSR Initiative Failure & Increase Engagement

Reprinted with Permission by Bob Willard I asked Bob if I could reprint this article since he is speaking about this tool in our upcoming SEENTalks Virtual Summit on June 8th: Remaking the Business Case: ROI for Sustainability Engagement (Tuesday, June 8th, 12 – 1 pm EDT).  This tool provides an entire section on the [...]

Fail, fail again, fail better: Implementing sustainability is an iterative process

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill Failure is feedback. The concept of failure could mean something different for everyone. It doesn’t have to be a catastrophic disaster, just something that hasn’t worked as we had hoped or we recognize could have been done better. We are [...]

Design Thinking – Human Centred Approach to Sustainability Engagement

People make our “sustainability world” go around. People - with all their complexities, different world views and motivations. It is not an easy feat to get people on the sustainability bus – and keep them there. So we try things; some succeed, some fail, some succeed or fail over time. It can be risky businesses. Too risky for [...]

Strengthen Buy-in, Implementation and Measurement with Benchmarking and Rating Systems

Rating Systems - tangible foundation to raise awareness and gain employee and leadership buy-in. With strategy in hand, how do we effectively plan, coordinate and manage program implementation? What kind of coordination systems could act as the glue to hold it all together? Whether your organization is just starting a sustainability employee engagement program or [...]

Framing Efforts and Connecting Priorities : Sustainability Engagement Strategy into Action

In an earlier post we discussed the first steps of framing a sustainability engagement strategy, by identifying relevant employee segments for your organization. This also involves deeply understanding the characteristics, interests, knowledge of sustainability, pain points and motivations of these segments. . With this level of clarity, we can create more effective messaging and program [...]

Strategy into Action: Identifying Employee Segments

How do you take an “all in” approach to your engagement strategy? How do you ensure that you are providing avenues to reach and engage 100% of your employees? How do you engage the disengaged? Using audience models allows us to understand different employee segments in order to get their attention and provide avenues for [...]

4 Quick Tips to Create Relevant, Creative and Fun Earth Day Activities

There is often a lot of expectation surrounding Earth Day events for companies' sustainability programs. It is a great opportunity to create an event or activity that will really boost your program participation and awareness surrounding the program.  What are your specific objectives for your Earth Day Activities?  Do you want to focus on recruiting [...]

Powerful Sustainability Engagement Navigation Tool – Planning with Clarity, Intention and Ease

Bringing sustainability to life in your organization requires the active engagement of your employees. However, it is common for organizations to struggle with getting everyone on board and to keep the momentum going while caring out day-to-day operations. Since this is relatively new in the business world – there is little guidance on how to [...]

Why Empowering Employees in Volunteer Programs is a Game Changer

* The following post is based on and has snippets from an original blog post by Realized worth, Employee Volunteering Makes Shared Value Possible: The Transformative Value Series What About Employees? With all of the current research on what makes strategies work within an organization, it remains a mystery that current practice does not align with [...]