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4 Quick Tips to Create Relevant, Creative and Fun Earth Day Activities

There is often a lot of expectation surrounding Earth Day events for companies’ sustainability programs. It is a great opportunity to create an event or activity that will really boost your program participation and awareness surrounding the program.  What are your specific objectives for your Earth Day Activities?  Do you want to focus on recruiting new participants, creating program advocates, jumpstart an existing activity or launch a new initiative?


So where do you start?  Here are 4 quick tips to planning a relevant and engaging Earth Day event.

  1. Be Strategic – Create greater relevance to your organizations overarching sustainability goals. Take a look at your program strategy; what are your key priorities and how can you use Earth Day to further your progress?
  1. Build on Existing Initiatives – What activities and interests already exist within your organization. Build on existing momentum and interest. For example: Do employees already participate in natural area clean ups, food drives, etc.?
  1. Involve Employees in the Planning Process – Once you are clear on the focus of the event, collect suggestion s for topics, activities, potential speakers, etc.  Make is a challenge or contest and give extra points for creativity.
  1. Fun Factor – We are social beings and we are more likely to participate in an event that involves one or more of the 3 F’s: fun, friends and food.   Fun or social activities are often the most talked about, attended and when participants recruit friends to attend as well.

At this year’s SEEN Talks Virtual Summit (April 4th – 8th, 2016), Wendy Firlotte and Kathryn Cooper will be presenting Earth Day planning tips in more detail, plus several examples of activity types, gamification ideas and sourcing relevant prizes.

Wendy Firlotte is a Sustainabilty Employee Engagement Specialist at Engage International.  Wendy works with clients to create sustainability engagement programs for their employees with concrete “how-to” steps. She has developed, implemented and coordinated successful sustainability employee education and engagement programs for national and multinational firms. She is a scientist, environmental manager and certified instructional designer, holding a master’s degree in sustainable development, focused on sustainability education and engagement.

Kathryn Cooper is the Chief Learning Officer at the Sustainability Learning Center. Kathryn has developed, taught and implemented numerous employee engagement in sustainability programs. She is a graduate of York University with a Master of Education on Sustainability and the Environment, where she conducted research on sustainability engagement. She holds an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph.

Join us for the Sustainability Employee Engagement Network (SEEN) Talks Virtual Summit!  

SEEN Talks is our annual virtual Sustainability Engagement Summit (April 4th – 8th, 2016).  No need to pack your bags, just join on line to learn how to drive engagement in sustainability from strategy to operations. **FINAL DAYS TO REGISTER!**

This year our experts will share how to:

  • Lead with strategy to secure management commitment and inspire employee participation.
  • Systematically embed sustainability in organizational culture using a freely available new toolkit.
  • Connect your Volunteer Program to transformational sustainability engagement.
  • Use storytelling and gamification in your initiatives to boost impact.

Join Wendy and Kathryn along with other practitioners and subject matter experts from Celestica, Ricoh, Realized Worth, Partners in Project Green, Background Stories and Accenture in this practical knowledge sharing, networking and co-creation forum.  See the SEEN Talks Website for more information.

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